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On November 5, Vote no on #1 and vote yes on #2

This bond issue is asking the voters to give the Town Council a total of $12.5 million dollars to remodel and renovate a building that when finished will not be worth the investment. Further the voter does not know what they are buying since all the town has produced to date are renderings by the architect without any plans, specifics, material specifications or construction budget. What are you voting for?

Go to your bank and ask if they would give you a loan based on what you are being asked to support and you will be told to come back when you have plans, specifications and a construction contract, none of which we have.

The town’s plans to use the veteran’s memorial park for additional parking has now hit a snag. The town took this land by eminent domain to be used for recreation or conservation. I don’t think a parking lot qualifies as either.

The voters approved $5 million to renovate and remodel the town hall which should be sufficient to do the job. The architect’s plan is too grandiose. It calls for the demolition of the additions that were made years ago and rebuilding them, really, why. The plan for parking across the street is unacceptable to have people crossing the road there. There will not be sufficient parking for staff and visitors to the town hall.

Be sure to vote on November 5th, Vote NO on #1 and vote YES on #2. We should be able to complete the project for less than the $5 million. Check the support that this issue has with the town council, 3 do not support the bond vote. Ask them why they do not support the bond.

Richard Welch
North Kingstown Town Council

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