North Kingstown Republicans

Please vote no on question 1

$12.5 million dollars is a lot of money to spend on a municipal building without a clear plan.

Our beloved town hall is definitely worth refurbishing but at what cost?

In 2018 we voted to spend up to $5 million dollars. The vote next month for $7.5 million dollars brings total spending on the old town hall to 12.5 million dollars.

Let’s see, municipal building in a residential neighborhood, in a flood zone, limited parking, cross a state highway to get into it??

My opinion, for what it’s worth I, is that we spend up to 5 million dollars and turn that building into council meeting hall and a meeting place for all boards and commissions. This would give the building a purpose that we could all be proud of.

$12.5 million, imagine what could be done with a new building?

I’ve lived this town hall issue for 7 years, that is my tenure on the Town Council. Between the parking problem, spending over $500 a square foot and the issue of not enough space to house all town staff I just cannot support this request for an additional 7.5 million dollars.

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