Seconding Support for Rolling Greens

Seconding Support for Rolling Greens

March 23, 2017

I read Judy Cleaveland’s letter on the Rolling Greens project [“Rolling Greens development would fill need,” March 16] with interest. Judy is a colleague of mine in the town Republican Committee and an adult when it comes to analyzing both the pluses and the minuses of government operations.


For those who might not know the details, developer Mark Hawkins has been trying to build an up-to-date, age-targeted housing tract around the Rolling Greens Golf Course. The site is just north of Route 102 in the area of its intersection with Route 2. Hawkins is a longtime resident and businessman in North Kingstown. He has managed a number of other real estate enterprises around town for years, most notably the Dry Bridge Sand & Gravel Company. The plan for this new development is in strict accordance with a suggestion that was officially made by the town Planning Department. That design has been approved on more than one occasion, each, by both the Planning Commission and the Town Council.


So I second Ms. Cleaveland’s emotion that it is high time we let the construction begin.

Our town has a decent potential market for the units planned for Rolling Greens in just our pool of older residents looking to downsize. When complete, the development will have an assessed value that will easily translate into an additional half million dollars per year in property tax revenue for North Kingstown. Our Water Department has signed off on the project. There are no formal objections currently lodged against the plan by abutters or any public entity.


If there are no objections, why have no building permits been issued? It has been six years, after all. Are we a business friendly town or are we not? The NKGOP thinks we ought to be. I know of no Democrats in opposition to that goal. So it’s not about politics. Can someone please tell me why we are holding this landowner up from developing his property for the good of everyone in town?

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