Building a Safe and Secure Town

Ms. Jennifer O'Neill, Treasurer

Attn: NK GOP

143 Country Hill Ln

North Kingstown, RI 02852

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Building a Safe and Secure Town


I feel grateful to be part of a small town like North Kingstown where community standards are largely upheld by common consent. I’ve become keenly aware of both how good we are as a community and how much better we could be. Most of that has come from my participation in the NKGOP’s Vibrant Community initiative. That is a multi-year effort by local Republicans to analyze North Kingstown with the aim of making it the most vibrant and inviting town in our state. To be sure, this is the kind of job that will never be truly finished. Just working on it, though, has made me sensitive to our strengths in this department. That awareness now moves me to urge others here in town to take a critical look at how good we actually have it, and how each of us can take an active part in making our community even stronger.


This is our strongest defense in addition to a strong national security. We have seen world security issues in the past few weeks that always cause us to take a pause and be thankful for living in the land of the free. It will take a collective effort to ensure that we continue to be a vibrant community that attracts families to want to move here. Please continue to find ways to learn about and participate as an active citizenry to build a confident, safe and secure North Kingstown.

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